Scavenger Flowmeter


This crucial device allows you to set the suction pressure to the right amount to maximize safety—too little suction results in higher occupational exposure.  Too much suction removes nitrous oxide gas too quickly for your patient.  However, the perfect amount of suction (45 liters per minute) creates the ideal circuit for safety and effectiveness.

Connect this hose and adjustable flow meter to your suction system and the end of the scavenger tube of the Safe Sedate®.  Hold the flow meter vertically to read and adjust the ball meter to 45 liters.  It is that easy.  Extraneous gases are automatically evacuated, providing a safe environment for your patients and your staff.

NOTE: This product is not necessary for existing systems that have a gauge that adjusts the suction flow to 45 liters per minute. 

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SKU: SD55312
Wait a second! Don’t forget to purchase a Safe Sedate® Scavenging Adapter. This crucial piece of the Safe Sedate system is required to connect the Scavenger Flowmeter to your suction system. One is required for each room.